Private Label Collections


Your partner for “Private Label Business”

We are an owner-run company in the private label business with a focus on international sourcing of sweaters, cardigans and knitted accessories. We are solely using premium quality yarns as cashmere, merino and blends promising highest quality standards.

Today, we can look back on almost 40 years of industry experience in mail order, e-commerce, retail and teleshopping business. 

This has sharpened our understanding of channel-specific requirements and our sense for fashion tailored to the needs of our target group.

Success through experience.


Our designers are experts in developing unique styles.

Decades of professional trend scouting across distribution channels and national borders qualify us an experienced and keen observer of fashion trends. 

Additionally, we are in frequent and open exchange with our customers presenting new ideas and inspirations. 

Together we develop customer-specific sales programs for strong private label collections.

100% exclusivity guaranteed.


Our presence in the market over decades is the result of our clearly defined aspirations.

Operational excellence, on-time delivery and professional quality management are our main principles and differentiators in the market.

We are convinced: in the long-run our success heavily depends on the success of our customers.

Performance in every season.


Die jahrzehntelange Präsenz am Markt basiert nicht zuletzt auf unserem ambitionierten Leistungsversprechen.

Die Einhaltung von Lieferterminen, professionelle Auftragsabwicklung und strenges Qualitätsmanagement sind ein selbstverständlicher Bestandteil unseres Service-Angebots.

Wir wissen, dass nur aus dem Erfolg des Kunden langfristig auch unser Erfolg entstehen kann.

Performance Saison für Saison.


We are certified according to the Responsible Wool Standard:

certified by CU 881898

The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) verifies wool, animal welfare and land management requirements and tracks it from farm to final product. 

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